Joining my first professional band at 14 recording our first record i was 15 doing short bits on talent shows and radio and TV after seeing the 'Beatles' on the Ed Sullivan show there was no turning back, I began my "Rock N' Roll journey." Its lasted 50 years and counting as i moved from the Falmouth hotel & Beau Brines to the two "Expressway south bands, to other bands 'Time Peace', Deja Vu', and "Mike Welch and the Renovations Band." We recorded two albums there. I loved studio recording. Other bands "verdict band " Entertainers' ''paul wayne "FYI' reaction band' ultra violet' nightshift' Lock Ness monsters'' (who became 'The Most') ticket to ride' our " Beatles tribute band' and with many of these bands I was a fill in drummer I loved that because " Artie Holmes trained me that way I never knew with him what was next and I loved the suspense, not knowing, or being thrown into the fire!!! Other bands such as'' Earls of sandwich "Ichycoo Park", "Hot fudge", "Moon tide",and Freddie and The Maybellines.

Where have all the good bands gone?

Lewis `Binky` Anderson as he is known currently is doing album sessions with different artists. He has always loved doing drum tracks for studio musicians. "I always feel right at home in the studio". Some musicians find it nerve racking and uncomfortable but I love it. I loved working at Intermediate studios. Aerosmith recorded their first album there. Whether it is chatting in the studio with Peter Wolf or famed decca producer Carl Germain, I feel at home 2015 after releasing his 4th cd Drive n nights and with cd no. 5 # Friends vol.1 2016 Binky has just completed his 6th CD Album release in 2022 ( Retro Rocker ) along with a xmas EP and adding backup vocals on a Beatles tribute album project on hold sense 2020, performing with the MOST band 2014 and now with 4 ON THE FLOOR BAND continuing with the classic 60s theme (that he s best at) performing around cape cod. The Beat goes on


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