Lewis 'Binky' Anderson

Lewis Binky Anderson. Cape Cod Drummer

It all began in the early 60s with the folk groups and the instrumental bands for Lewis B Anderson or 'Binky' living on 360 main street Falmouth across from the Falmouth hotel. I heard the bands tuning up everynight on afternoons for jam sessions. I loved the harmonies from the early folk bands on the radio. The cars would go by on Main street blasting those songs with their tops down walking over to the hotel sitting on the steps watching and listening to the groups perform there every night. On one afternoon, one of the musicians waved to me to come in and sit down. He said Whats your name? I said 'Binky'.

He said Hi. 'I'm Artie Holmes'. He then asked me "What is your favorite instrument?" I said the drums. He said "Do you own a drum set?" I told him no. I built a drum set out of old cans and cymbals my father cut out of sheet metal. He said "How would you like to sit in today on our jam session?" Well I have never played a real drum set like that! He said well now's the time hop up there. I'll tell you what to do. Well I jumped up right up there! As I always say "I got thrown right in to the fire.". I was hooked I was 12 at the time and over the next two years I got to know all the bands who came back every year and they got to know me. I was always invited to sit in with many of them every Summer. Artie always had me filling in with his band. I used to call it 'Arties Summer Boot Camp.' When my cousin Barry Knisleyand I started out, he played drums and I played guitar but I got fed up with the tuneing and chords and all that. My cousin just knew everything about guitars (a natural I guess) so he said "Why don't you play drums, and I will play guitar?" We met Mike Welch And The Orbits was formed. That led to my first professional band the ''beau brines'' in 1965. The beatles were hot!!! I was still working and learning from Artie and all the bands at the hotel by the time I graduated in 1970, I performed with bands from all over the world who came to the hotel. I never took drum lessions. I did try but i wanted to learn Wipe Out. But they said no, so I quit, went home, bought the 45 (record) and learned it myself, and then Beau Brines got thier first break when we opened for the Animals in August 1966. At the time we needed more back up vocals so they stuck a microphone in my face and told me to sing. I needed a stage name for "Beau Brines" so I used 'Binky'. Our lead singer Mike Welch became Mick Welch and thats how it all got started folks!!!

BINKY????? I'm always asked where did you get that name? My middle name is Benjamin well i could'nt pronounce it right I'm really not sure, but someone came up with "Binky", I liked it and that's the story.


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